Your International Checkings Account. Border-Free USD Holdings.

We are changing the way the world sees currencies. We are a gateway to more and better business creating financial trust across all currencies of the world making trade as simple and friendly as a venmo tranfer.

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Why you should Invest with redxam

Deposit and Withdraw at Anytime

Designed to help you own your future. Tell us how wealthy you want to be at retirement and we’ll build a personalized investment plan for you.

No Transaction Fees

Get guidance in your investing journey and feel more confident in your decisions. Talk to our experts anytime and dive deeper into your personal finance.

Wealth Management System

It's not just money, it's superior wealth management. We handle this so you can focus on what you're best at.

Highest Quality Service

We spend a great deal of time to ensure the coins you get on redxam are among the highest quality anywhere.

how to start

Starting is very Simple

Start investing with redxam in three simple steps

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Create an Account

Signup for an account with just name and email.


Deposit Funds

Choose preferred deposit option like bank transfer, credit/debit card or directly send digital assets.


Watch your Money Grow

Sit back and relax! Let your money work for you all day.

Relax while your
money grows with
top security

Bank grade security

Our payment processors are compliant to ensure optimum security of your data

Best in class investment

We invest in low risk fixed income securities which include treasury bills government bonds and professionally managed

Industry best practices

We support a variety of the most popular digital currencies

Let's calculate how much you'd earn

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redxam's plansCrypto Passive
  • USDC - 33%
  • USDT - 33%
  • DAI - 33%
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